A companionship service within your home

Our services

  • A companion to enhance your day always tailoring to your needs 

  • Companion for outings fundamental to you such as day trips to family or friends, or for weekend/mini breaks 

  • Long or short term support

  • Respite for caregivers

  • Holiday companion

  • Live in support

  • Compassionate Companion for end of life

  • Carer'r vouchers and direct payments accepted

  • Fully vaccinated against Covid

Elderly Couple Talk With Companion

As a provider of support for social well-being, Loyal Companion is here for you and your requirements when you need us most.

Supporting you to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life

At Loyal Companion I am wholly aware of the changes that can affect us as we journey through life, such as getting older, our ability to be able to do everyday simple tasks, or sadly, experiencing the loss of loved ones. Most of these everyday changes may then alter or affect the way in which we are able to function, or to continue to live our lives, happily. 

My aim as your companion, is to support you through the tough times, celebrate reaching future goals, and help you to live your life as best as you can.

I am of nurse background, and have encountered a varied range of life changing situations for people over many years in health care, due to ill health, declining mental ill health, or of the loss of loved ones.

I would like to help reduce the loneliness, and social isolation, that so many people are experiencing today as it can be debilitating in so many ways, especially so since the aftermath of Covid. So lets beat it, together.

For any enquiries, no matter how small, please contact Jane on the details below.

Email: Jane@loyalcompanion.co.uk

Mobile: 07872831754

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